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a comfy suit for a tough woman.

~don't end up naked~

(unless you want to)

Sustainable, stay-put swimwear

Sustainable & ethically made.  UV protection to take care of your skin. Fabric printed with less water and made out of recycled bottles.


Luxury performance swimwear.


Your body is your temple.  It does so many things for you.  Why not wear something that will honor your body & stay with you during your whole session?  You deserve it.  Let IKA MANU begin.


ika manu kiters & gals

IKA MANU is for bold girls. If you have been brave enough to jump on the kite journey or become part of any adrenaline sport;  I can tell you, you are one of us.

Our goal is to bring brave women together, that will help each other, but also to contribute to this planet. Every swimwear sold will donate a percentage to clean our local beaches here in Florida, USA. We are partnering up with the local Surfrider Foundation in Miami. 

The goal is to create a community that will travel our planet to kite while maintaining it clean.

Our partners

Physical stores that hold our swimmies & our enviromental partner.

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