About Us

Ika Manu is born from the desire of providing women with comfortable and stylish swimwear, purposely designed to be worn with confidence while performing any kind of watersport.

We understand sometimes some tricks may go unplanned; however, we want to make sure the important parts remain in place!  Don’t end up naked… unless you want to.

At Ika Manu we focus on creating new boundaries in design aesthetics, innovation, and quality, while maintaining sustainability as our core value. We are tired of boring bathing

suits that won’t stay put – we got you… A comfy suit for a tough woman.


Ika Manu is created by two Chilean sisters that moved to Florida, USA. They wanted to bring their roots to the brand by using Rapa Nui (Easter Island) language. Ika Manu (“eekah mahnuh”) means flying fish or fish-bird, in Rapa Nui, which alludes to the nature of kiteboarding, watersports in general, and the mix of main elements; wind and ocean.


Recycled Bottles

UV Protection


Our social brand identity is vital to us. Ika Manu is inspired by the confident, fun, and carefree attitude of adventurous women.

We are committed to sustainability by using recycled materials to produce our bathing suits.

The fabric used is made from recycled bottles and uses less percentage of water when manufactured.

It also has UV protection to cover our bodies while ripping the ocean.

We believe that beautiful things can happen if you do it from the heart. Let us do our job in honoring your body and our planet. Let Ika Manu begin!

IKA MANU Kiters & Gals

IKA MANU is for bold girls. If you have been brave enough to jump on the kite journey or become part of any adrenaline sport;  I can tell you, you are one of us.

Our goal is to bring brave women together, that will help each other, but also to contribute to this planet. We have partnered with the company INVERSA and for every swimsuit sold, one lionfish is removed from coral reefs. Lionfishes are harmful and kill coral reefs, which are the lungs of the ocean.

The goal is to create a community that will travel our planet to kite while maintaining it clean.